Britain's Favourite Beers

Britain's Favourite Beers

Britain's Favourite Beers

Here in the UK, you can say that we truly enjoy our beer. Whether it’s an ice cold lager, a room temp ale, or an in-between stout, if it’s a beer, we will almost never say no to having a couple with our mates. We are even known to down a few hard ciders from time to time if the mood strikes. And, with that being said, we also have our favourites.

Now, it can be difficult to decipher just what those favourites are because everyone has their own personal preferences and opinions. So, to create this article and include Britain's favourite beers, we decided to take a look at sales of the top beers sold here in Britain and this is what we came up with.

Britain's Top 10 Beer Brands

Carling- the UK’s best-selling brand focuses their marketing efforts on online promotions and giveaways. When combined with the refreshing taste of a Carling just out of the drinks fridge, Carling is easily one of Britain’s favourites.

Heineken- thanks to sponsored Rugby World Cup content, the most-viewed YouTube channel in the group and the highest number of ad impressions, Heineken reaches more beer drinkers than any other brand.

Carlsberg- Danish brand, Carlsberg Premier League-themed web advertising has reached beer drinkers where they drink the most, in the pubs, at the stadiums and while watching the match at home.

Budweiser- because of Budweiser’s comprehensive localisation strategy and impressive visibility on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the American lager takes the top spot.

Guinness- with an all-new, user-friendly website and mobile app, Irish powerhouse brand, Guinness takes the number 2 slot.

Stella Artois- another American brand, Stella Artois is focusing on UK grocers, Tesco and Asda, and showcasing their products to the ecommerce crowd as well.

Strongbow- there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold Strongbow cider right out of the mini fridge. It’s this kind of thinking that has made Strongbow cider so popular.

Pilsner Urquell- because of the name, Pilsner Urquell earns excellent organic visibility on Google for “pilsner” terms. But it’s the crisp taste that makes it one of Britain's Favourite Beers.


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