How much is a mini fridge?

How much is a mini fridge?

A mini fridge can cost anywhere from £40 to £200 depending on numerous factors such as size, quality, and features. The smallest mini fridge starts from 4 litre, and it can go up to 75 litre.

Subcold offers a huge range of mini fridges to meet your needs and budget more precisely. Subcold Classic range are 4 Litre mini fridges for only £44.99. They are available in colour black, grey, white, blue, and pink. Subcold Classics are equipped with advanced thermoelectric properties meaning they can be used as a mini cooler or a warmer. In the cold mode, they can cool down to 18°C. With a flick of a button, you can switch them to Hot mode, and they can warm up to 45-65°C. Subcold Classic are compact and portable mini fridges with multiple power options including AC 230V, DC 12V, and USB.

Mini Fridges

The next one up is Subcold Ultra a 6-litre mini fridge for £54.99. They come in the colours black, grey, white and pink. They can also cool down to 18°C, below ambient temperature, and warm up to 45-65°C. Subcold Ultra mini fridges also come in 10-litre for £59.99 and 15-litre for £79.99.

Ultra Mini Fridges

Subcold Classic and Ultra range mini fridges are quiet and economical making them perfect for use in bedrooms, desktops, cars, caravans, and motorhomes. They are truly versatile mini fridges that can be used for snacks and drinks, as well as for makeup, beauty, cosmetics, and skincare products.

Subcold Eco range mini fridges are available in 50 litre for £94.99 and 75 litre for 129.99. Both of them come in two colours; black and white to match your décor. The Eco50 and 75 are quiet and economical table top fridges for bedrooms, office, home bar, or in kitchen to free up the space in your main refrigerator. The Eco fridge features include icebox with a temperature of -6°C for your frozen treats and making ice cubes. Subcold Eco is also available in 100 litre size for £169.99.

You can also get mini fridges with glass door under the Subcold Super range that come in various sizes. A 35 litre Subcold Super fridge costs £149.99, 50 litre for £159.99, and 65 litre for £199.99. A larger version which cannot be classed as a mini fridge is also available in size 85 litre for £269.99. Some of the Subcold Super range fridges come in black, silver, and stainless steel. They are equipped with adjustable thermostat giving you a temperature range from 3°C to 18°C.

In conclusion, how much a mini fridge cost depends on various factors like quality, size, style, and features. 

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