How to take care of your Mini Fridge?

How to take care of your Mini Fridge?

Mini fridges are useful for many things, for example they can be used for things like storing beer, fizzy drinks, snacks and it can also be used for storing your skincare, cosmetics and beauty products. Some fridges for example the Classic and Ultra Mini Fridges from Subcold are equipped with a warm setting to insure your coffee, tea or hot beverages/food stays hot, although these will not heat up your beverages/food they keep them at the temperature you require.


You can keep your little fridge in many places due to its small yet effective size, they can be stored in any room from a bedroom to a garage or office, they are easily portable and easy to move from room to room with no electrical requirements. As you can see the benefits of these small fridges are numerous. So, it is important to look after them to make sure they stay in perfect working condition and keeps your food and drink accessible when you want them. 


Simple Steps to take care of your Mini Fridge


  • Remember to keep your mini fridge away from direct sunlight or heat sources like furnaces, hot water heater or range. Keep the fridge on an even surface and make sure its not leaning more on one side than the other.
  • Always turn the mini fridge to a medium-cold setting when you first turn it on. You can always just adjust the thermostat later to fit the temperature needed for the food/drinks you are storing in the fridge. If you fail to do this you might cause the fridge to freeze or thaw food straight away. Try and not crowd your fridge as cold air must circulate around the whole fridge fully to keep everything right.
  • You should always remember to clean the inside of the refrigerator on a monthly basis with baking soda solution all you do is put 1-2 tbsp of baking soda into 1 quart of warm water and wipe the surfaces clean from top to bottom and this can prevent any spillages or any left over food at the bottom making an impact on the rest of the fridge. Fill a juice glass or another upright, open container about half-full with baking soda and place it in the back of the refrigerator. The baking soda absorbs odours.
  • Don’t forget to clean the shelves and just do it shelf by shelf to save emptying out the whole fridge, the Subcold Ultra mini fridges have easy removable shelves for more space and easy cleaning You may also wipe down the outside of the fridge weekly with any recommended appliance by the manufacturer .
  • Unplug the mini fridge and clean out the coils and vents monthly as well, it is also recommended to vacuum vents coils, to make sure that pet hair or dust doesn’t affect the performance of the energy efficiency of the fridge.
  • If you are leaving your little fridge for a certain amount of time for example a few weeks, you might want to remove any important items and remove all food and don’t forget to unplug it, put a towel underneath it and inside for 24 hours to insure it collects all the loose moisture.



Never close the door when your fridge hasn’t been cleaned and allowed to dry thoroughly or it can cause mold and mildew to grow inside.


If you require any help or further information about a mini fridge, feel free to contact Subcold.


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