Is a skin care fridge necessary?

Is a skin care fridge necessary?

With the pandemic seemingly under control, lockdown and travel restrictions being lifted, and more people getting vaccinated, we can expect to do a lot more this summer. From outdoor concerts, relaxing on the beach, and travelling on holiday, we are going to take advantage of the season and soak up as much of the summer sun as possible. And as fun as this sounds, there are some factors we must keep in mind if we are to have our best summer ever.

The sun might feel good as it shines down and warms the Earth, but its rays can be damaging to our skin. Keeping our skin looking young and beautiful all season long, even in the hot sun, means creating a beauty and skincare routine at home that rivals that of the best high street salons. But even if we choose the same products salons use and practice the same methods, sometimes our skincare routine seems to fall a bit short. What are we missing?

If you want to get the most out of your beauty products and have that salon feel, you need to store them at the right temperature. Salons keep their skincare products in a specialised mini fridge designed to keep them cool and fresh. That’s right, your skincare products need to be stored at just the right temperature if you want them to be the most effective.




Beauty And Skincare Product Mini-Fridge

Will any mini fridge do? Beauty experts say that a specialised beauty and skin care fridge is needed and it should be set at just the right temperature to keep your cosmetics and skincare products at their freshest.





With that in mind, we are going to take a look at why you need a skincare fridge:

Eyeliner- storing your eyeliner in a mini fridge will enable you to create more precise lines that are sharp and defined.

Eye Creams- eye creams stored at cold temperatures will constrict blood vessels and decrease swelling and redness around the eyes.

Sheet And Face Masks- face masks are much more effective when they are stored in a cosmetic fridge. This will make them feel good on your skin, while increasing radiance and reducing swelling.

Products Containing Vitamin C- many of today’s skincare products contain vitamin C and these will be more effective when kept cold.

Face Mists- store your face mist in a mini fridge and reach for a refreshing spray any time you are feeling hot from the sun. This will also help in reducing redness and puffiness around the eyes.




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