Mini Fridge for Students

Mini Fridge for Students

A mini fridge for students is a great way to enjoy your student life. When you are studying, it’s important to make things as easy as possible for yourself. You’ll want to give yourself the best shot at succeeding academically, as well as making sure that you enjoy yourself socially. You may not think it initially, but having a mini fridge as a student can actually make a huge difference to your day to day life.


Top Reasons to Use a Mini Fridge as a Student


       Mini Fridges are Super Convenient - It doesn’t matter whether you are tired in bed or you are stuck to the laptop finishing an assignment, you probably won’t want to be traipsing to the kitchen every time you want a cold drink or a snack. This is where mini fridges come in. Having one in your room is highly convenient, as everything is within arm’s reach.

       There’s No Worry of Anything Going Missing - As a student, you are sure to know that things go missing. Whether it’s the beers you have saved for a night out or the chocolate you were planning to eat after a lecture, there’s always the chance of it going missing at the hands of someone else. When you have your own small personal fridge, this isn’t something that you will need to worry about. Everything is safe and secure, just as you need it to be.

       Compact and Affordable - When you are a student, there isn’t always a lot of spare cash or spare room. Living as a student can be expensive and sharing with others doesn’t live a lot of room for much else. Luckily, mini fridges are compact and affordable. Not only do they only take up a small amount of space in your room, but they won’t use up much of your student loan.

       Portable – Subcold mini fridges are portable. They are small and very light in weight. These small fridges are equipped with multiple power options including UK Mains Plug, DC 12V and USB. You can even plug them straight into your car’s cigarette lighter port and have access to your chilled snacks anywhere you go.

       Dual-Function: Cooler/Warmer – Subcold mini fridges can be used as a mini cooler or a warmer with flick of just one button at the back. A perfect 2 in 1 saving you money from buying a separate mini warmer. In the Cold Mode, they can cool down to as low as 3° Celsius. In the Hot Mode they can warm up to 60° Celsius.


At Subcold, we have a number of fantastic mini fridges that are ideal for students. There’s a range of sizes and styles to choose from, which means that you’re sure to find a fridge that ticks every box. To find out more about Subcold or any of our products, visit



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