The Best Mini Fridges For Your Bedroom

best mini fridges for bedroom

Find out the best mini fridge for your bedroom and why Subcold is one of the best options for style and convenience. Keeping your drinks cool has never looked this good.

1. Ultra Range - 6L , 10L, 15L 

The Ultra Range offers convenience, style and efficiency all in one package. With their discrete design, they are perfect for your bedroom or office space if you are looking for something sleek. The Ultra range also has duality of Cooler and warmer settings. Available in multiple colours for every style.

The great thing about Ultra fridges is that they come with a variety of features and colours. Ultra coolers include shelves and racks that can be adjusted as needed for extra storage space. And let’s not forget about their energy star rating – these fridges use up less energy, perfect to keep energy bills down.

2. PROs - 4L, 6L  

Introducing our newest range of PROs, which you can check out here

A perfect personal mini fridge to keep your snacks and drinks perfectly chilled just the way you need it. It has a storage capacity of 4 or 6 litre meaning you can store up to 6 - 8 (330ml) cans. Our Pro 6s come in 8 Different colour options to choose from. Lightweight to easily be carried with a premium leather handle.

A Subcold bestseller!

3. ECO - 50L 

Looking for something that is bigger, check out our Eco range. Not only do they hold up to 50L they also have chiller box which is perfect for super low temperatures. These coolers are great for studios, plenty of space for your food and drinks. The Eco is economical fridge with an impressive energy consumption of only 99kWh/annum.

It even comes with adjustable thermostat settings so that you can keep your food at exactly the right temperature all time.

Finally, Subcold Ecos come in various sizes ranging from compact models to larger units so you can find exactly what fits your needs and budget best. 

3. Cosmos

The perfect Mini Fridge for kids bedrooms, coming in 3 adorable colour ways. The Cosmo is a versatile mini fridge ideal for skincare, makeup and beauty products. Cosmos also come with dual plugs ins, making it great for car journey as well. A best Seller in our plug in cooler section.

If you a university student with the need for easy and convenient snack storage, or an appreciation of cold drinks? Then look no further - Subcold Mini Fridges perfect for bedrooms Get one today to benefit from their efficient, sleek design perfect for any bedroom.

4. Vanity 6

The Personal Chiller - Vanity 6 is the perfect addition for skin care gurus! Whether you’re looking for just enough space to store your late-night snacks or just to keep skin care items organized.

This mini fridge maintains an optimal temperature for daily skincare products, making it the perfect gift for avid beauty care enthusiasts. With its elegant style, chrome accents, and decorative non-skid feet, the Personal Chiller is sure to be a hit. It is portable and can be placed on a table or on top of your dresser.

The Vanity also comes in two power options UK mains AC plug and USB. Convivence made simple.

All Subcold products come with their own instruction manual and 1 year FREE warranty.


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