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Pro 4 Litre Mini Fridges FREE 1-YEAR WARRANTY Product Description The Pro 4L Mini fridge has an advanced thermoelectric cooling system to cool up to 18°C below the ambient temperature. This mini fridge is perfect for the office, salon, bedroom, or car. It is even great for camping & road trips! With a 4L capacity, you can fit up to 6 cans of your choice inside. Pro4 is available in 5 colours that will match a wide range of interiors and can be gifted to just about anyone. A compact and portable 4L mini fridge, measuring 190W x 255D x 268H (mm) and weighing only 2.0 kg. The internal dimensions are 135 x 151 x 200 (mm). Its storage capacity is customizable with a removable shelf, allowing you to store bigger items. There is also a storage pocket on the inside door, to keep your contents organized. The two options for powering this unit are with a wall socket (AC) or USB. The powerful semiconductor refrigeration chip with low power consumption is only 20W at 230V making this unit the most energy efficient model in its class! It is super quiet when in operation with a sound output of 28dB. Pro4 features a high-grade, brushless, DC fan motor, which makes it ultra quiet and completely compatible for bedrooms, offices and your car. Extend the shelf life of your skincare and cosmetics. Keeping them cool with Pro4 will help preserve their efficacy and longevity, especially for organic products. You can buy with confidence with a 1-Year Warranty. UKCA, CE, WEEE, and RoHS Certified. Built to last with a durable ABS outer casing and finished with a grab & go premium leather carry handle. What's Included Subcold Pro4 Mini Fridge USB Lead AC Lead Mini Cooler Luxury Leather Handle User Manual Full 1 Year Warranty Please note* Outer Box has image of product. Technical Information Capacity: 4 Litre Thermoelectric Cooling Technology Temperature Range 15 -18°C below ambient temperature 1 Removable Internal Shelf and Mini Rack on the inside door Dimensions: 190W x 255D x 280H mm Net Weight:2.0kg Multiple Power Options: UK Mains Plug AC and USB Suitable for: Bedroom, Office, Outdoors, Camping, Car and Caravan Product Downloads User Manual Internal Dimensions Available in multiple colours VERSATILE MINI FRIDGE Snacks & Drinks A perfect personal mini fridge to keep your snacks and drinks perfectly chilled just the way you need it. It has a storage capacity of 4 litre meaning you can store up to 6 (330ml) cans. Skincare Fridge Extend the shelf life of your skincare, makeup, and beauty products. Keeping them refrigerated will help preserve their efficacy and longevity, especially for any organic products. Semiconductor Cooling Chip Equipped with 2.5A Powerful Semiconductor Cooling Chip offering less than half the energy consumption of 20W comapred to 40W of most other mini fridges. Quiet & Peaceful This small fridge features a brushless high-grade fan motor for peaceful running. It has a very low noise output of only 28dB making it suitable for use in bedrooms, study rooms and offices. Multiple Power Options A versatile mini fridge with multiple power options AC and USB. You can also connect it to a 2A power bank. This means you can use this mini fridge in car, caravan, and motorhome.

A mini fridge is a compact, small-sized refrigerator used to store a limited amount of snacks, drinks and other items. It is a personal mini fridge to use in bedrooms, dorms, offices, or small living spaces where space is limited.

You can store food and beverages such as snacks and drinks. A mini fridge is also good for storing skincare and makeup products to keep them cool and get the most benefits out of them.

Mini fridges come in all different sizes from as small as 4 litre going up to 40 litre. Subcold mini fridge range includes 4L, 6L, 9L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, and 40L. You can get the external and internal dimensions of each Subcold fridge on its product listing.

Yes, the storage in mini fridges is customisable. They are usually equipped with removable shelves allowing storage of larger items. Some mini fridges may also feature a removable pocket storage on the inside door.

Multi-functional mini fridges can be used as a mini cooler or warmer. They are equipped with advanced thermoelectric properties allowing them to cool down to 18°C below ambient temperature and warm up to 45-65°C. You can switch from Cold to Hot mode with a flick of a button.

Temperature range of a mini fridge can vary depending on the model. Subcold Classic, Ultra, Pro, Luxe, and Barcool Cosmo range mini fridges can cool down to 18° below ambient temperature. Subcold Aire range mini fridges have an adjustable thermostat giving you a range of 3-15°C.

Mini fridges are normally very economical to run. On average a mini fridge may consume around 100 to 200kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity per year. The exact electricity usage of a mini fridge may vary depending on factors such as its size, cooling technology, usage patterns, and the ambient temperature of the room. You can calculate the exact cost of running a fridge by using the formula:

Annual Energy Consumption x Cost of Electricity (per kWh) = Annual Operating Cost.

Mini fridges are typically whisper quiet. Their operating noise level may range from 28dB to 40dB. The exact noise level will depend on the model.

All Subcold mini fridges come with 1 year warranty. You will need to register your product to claim free warranty.

Subcold has a fridge for every need from small to large.  Check out Subcold portable fridges, skincare fridges, table top and under-counter fridges, beer fridges, wine coolers, mini bars, and mini freezers. To complement your bar or man cave, Subcold has a range of home bar accessories including ice buckets, ice tongs, bottle openers, beer mats, and cocktail jiggers. 

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