What is changing?

The energy efficiency performance of Subcold fridges is not changing but only the way they are rated and labelled. The changes were introduced by the UK government and will apply on all electrical brands nationwide from March 2021.

The new energy label has been introduced for washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers. 

The old rating system of A+++ to D is being replaced by the A to G scale. The new system will be simpler, hence easier to understand and compare.

Why is it changing?

Due to the advancement in technology over the years, most new electrical appliances have been achieving high energy ratings. Therefore, now the most efficient appliances, for example A++ or A+, will be downgraded to C or a E rating in the new system.

The reason for the change is to set new standards for appliance manufacturers and create more room for innovation. This will give manufacturers the opportunity and an incentive to build even more energy efficient appliances in the future.

2021 New Energy Ratings System A to G Scale

New Features

The new energy label comes with new features. Several improvements have been made to include more information about your appliance.

  • All products will feature the new A to G scale.
  • QR code on the label will give you access to more information on the product.
  • Separate new icons for chilled and unfrozen compartments indicating their individual storage capacities.
  • New icon for noise emission.
  • Wine cooler fridges will have an icon indicating the number of standard wine bottles that can be stored.
  • Annual energy consumption of the appliance has been made more prominent.

The New Energy Label

The new 2021 energy label features explained

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